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Predictive Business Analytics & Big Data

At Oak Spring University, we help corporate clients to align business analytics with their business strategy.

With Oak Spring University professional resources you will enhance your abilities in -

  • - Predictive Business Analytics
  • - Sales Forecasts & Operations Management using Data
  • - Business Problem Modelling
  • - Data Visualization
  • - Tableau & Other Statistical Tools based Solutions

marketing mix and 4 P analysis

Executive Business Services

At Oak Spring University, we specialize into business solutions for today’s business leaders. The resources are well thought out, designed by experts, and focused on task oriented learning.

With access to Oak Spring University professional workshops & resources you will enhance your abilities in -

  • - Strategy, Competitive Strategy, Corporate Strategy, Strategy Mapping, SWOT Analysis, PESTEL Analysis, Balance Scorecard
  • - Professional & Persuasive Presentations
  • - Leadership & Corporate Governance PPT
  • - Financial Management & Risk Management Analytics & Statistical Modelling
  • - Digital Transformation, Big Data Analytics, & Digital Strategy PPT
  • - Negotiations

HBR Case Study Solutions & Workshops

At Oak Spring University, we are expert at Harvard Business Review case study method & do the greatest HBR case study analysis. Our case study solutions provide coherent quantitative analysis with expert insights that are based on HBR concepts.

We provide whole range of HBR case studies solutions -

  • - HBR Business Strategy, Marketing, Change Management & Leadership Case Studies Solutions
  • - SWOT Analysis, PESTEL Analysis, Porter 5 Forces, VRIO, Value Chain Analysis
  • - Market Research & Scenario Planning case studies analysis
  • - Financial Management, NPV, WACC, Accounting, & Risk Management solutions
  • - Negotiations and Conflict Management
  • - Case Memos, reports, business plans, & more

Harvard Business Review Case Studies

Services - Immersive & Targetted Learning

Predictive Business Analytics

Descriptive Statistics, Hypothesis Testing, Linear Regression

Excel for MBA

Quantitative Techniques, Cojoint Analysis, Logistic Regression

HBR Case Studies Solutions

Marketing, Leadership, Strategy, Innovations, Technology, Operations

Powerpoint Presentations

Make your presentations professional now

Data Visualization for Professionals

Charts, maps, dashboards, realtime updates using R & Python

Finance and Risk Management

NPV, DCF, WACC, CAPM, other Financial Management Techniques

One - One Online Courses

Boost your learning curve with our experts

Statistics & Quantitative Analysis

Amazing resources for stats and quant projects

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Predictive Business Analytics Online Course

The Predictive Business Analytics online course of Oak Spring University will introduce participants to quantitative methods such as – data analysis, data visualization, relationship between two variables, descriptive statistics, sampling and estimation, regression analysis, hypothesis testing, single variable linear regression, and multiple variable regression.

Leaders can apply the Predictive Business Analytics Online Course concepts in improving business decision making using quantitative techniques, and communicating them clearly to the key stakeholders using data visualization.

Predictive Business Analytics Online Course also includes -

Framing a business problem as an analytics problem
Opportunities and challenges when using data
Improving business processes
Identifying opportunities through data analytics
Synergies between business analytics and the firm

The Link Between Business Performance and Analytics

In what areas can you enhance business performance and how?
Improving business processes using analytics
Customer and supplier analytics that can enhance business performance
Performance scorecards enhanced through analytics

Cloud Computing for Leaders

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Solutions will enable you to design, plan, and scale AWS implementations utilizing over 70 Cloud Computing services.

Azure Cloud Solutions Architect enable you to to manage Azure resources, configure and deploy virtual machines, and master Azure Cognitive Services solutions

Finance for Leaders

The Finance for Leaders program will help the participants to have a comprehensive understanding of the principles of finance. The Finance for Leaders program of Oak Spring University will help leaders to make prudent financial strategies, provide a toolkit to identify frauds, and foster confidence to clearly communicate the financial decisions to the key stakeholders.

Tags :: Finance for Leaders, Net Present Value, Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC)

Financial Analysis

You will develop an intution for the financial concepts and principles.
Understand the three financial analysis reports - Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow statement.
Review financial reports and do ratio analysis

Finance vs Accounting

Explain the Fundamental differences between accounting and financial analyis principles.
Examine the use of cash and Cash Flow statement to measure value creation in financial management


Explore three pillars of value creation, measuring valuation based on NPV, Discounted Cash Flow, Equity comparison, and New Industry framework development.

Capital Markets and Capital Allocation

Understanding the role of various players in financial and capital markets.
Building a framework for efficient capital allocations based on SWOT analysis of the firm.

Strategic Marketing Management Online Course

- Understanding the role of marketing in the value creation process
- Developing an integrated marketing mix program that yields higher customer value
- Planning and communicating the marketing budget and media mix
- Utilizing the Internet as an effective online sales and marketing tool - content marketing to search marketing
- Exploring ethical and legal issues of marketing today
- Designing and managing the distribution channel, logistics, supply chain management
- Shifting from cost-based to value-based pricing, and other pricing strategies
- Selecting the target market, identifying defendable and lucrative value proposition, and positioning the product

Bitcoin: Investment or Illusion? Case Study

The case study describes a hypothetical hedge fund manager who is examining whether to invest in bitcoin and other crypto currency, or not. The case study of ‘Bitcoin: Investment or Illusion?’,discusses potential risks and rewards for investing in bitcoin and other crypto currencies, the role of Bitcoin, Blockchain, and digital currencies more broadly, as well as financial innovation in the space, such as ICOs. The case can be taught as part of a MBA Finance program in investments, financial institutions/capital markets, and innovations in the fintech sector.


Digital Marketing

Learn how big data is transforming business landscape

Cloud Computing

We provide excel worksheet for all business projects

Sales & Marketing

Funnel Strategy, Marketing Mix, 4Ps of Marketing

Organizational Behavior

International Marketing & Globalization

Give new meaning to your data

ESG Score and Finance

How focus on ESG impacting financial strategy & resource allocation

Strategy & Strategic Management

Competitive Strategy, Corporate Strategy, SBU Strategy


Growth Engine, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data

Advance Management & Global Leadership

Covid-19 has led to Market volatility, digital disruption, and geopolitical risk. Leaders have to manage these challenges in a lot shoter time span than in the past. Advance management and global leadership help leaders to constantly come up with strategies to compete across industries and national borders.

With Oak Spring University professional resources you will enhance your abilities in -

  • - Measure, analyze and drive corporate performace
  • - Leverage the power of data and marketing
  • - Business problem modelling
  • - Build competitive advantage through operations
  • - Plan and conduct successful negotiations
Predictive Business Analytics - Data Visualization

SWOT Analysis / Weighted SWOT Matrix / TOWS Matrix

GBM Resources Ltd SWOT Analysis / TOWS Matrix

Basic Materials , Gold & Silver

Keda Clean Energy SWOT Analysis / TOWS Matrix

Capital Goods , Misc. Capital Goods

Applied Genetic SWOT Analysis / TOWS Matrix

Healthcare , Biotechnology & Drugs

Mersen SWOT Analysis / TOWS Matrix

Technology , Semiconductors

Oramed SWOT Analysis / TOWS Matrix

Healthcare , Biotechnology & Drugs

FUJIFILM Holdings Corp SWOT Analysis / TOWS Matrix

Healthcare , Medical Equipment & Supplies

Best World International SWOT Analysis / TOWS Matrix

Consumer/Non-Cyclical , Personal & Household Prods.

Star Cement SWOT Analysis / TOWS Matrix

Capital Goods , Construction - Raw Materials

Cargotec Oyj SWOT Analysis / TOWS Matrix

Capital Goods , Misc. Capital Goods


PESTEL Analysis / PEST Analysis / STEP Analysis

Azuma House PESTEL Analysis

Capital Goods , Construction Services

Avenue Therapeutics PESTEL Analysis

Healthcare , Biotechnology & Drugs

South Indian Bank PESTEL Analysis

Financial , Regional Banks

DA Tech PESTEL Analysis

Capital Goods , Misc. Capital Goods

CryoLife PESTEL Analysis

Healthcare , Medical Equipment & Supplies

Yondoshi Holdings PESTEL Analysis

Consumer Cyclical , Jewelry & Silverware

Shenzhen Zhongheng Huafa B PESTEL Analysis

Technology , Electronic Instr. & Controls

Applied DNA Sciences Inc PESTEL Analysis

Basic Materials , Chemical Manufacturing

V Mart Retail Ltd PESTEL Analysis

Services , Retail (Apparel)

Xinhai Elect A PESTEL Analysis

Consumer/Non-Cyclical , Personal & Household Prods.

Globe Textiles PESTEL Analysis

Consumer Cyclical , Apparel/Accessories